Simple-ALCDEF Lightcurve Data Upload

  • If not named and/or numbered, objects must have an MPC designation. Do not submit data for NEOCP objects or those using a custom designation.
  • View the ALCDEF standards documentation, which describes the data and formatting for the values associated with the keywords in the two data sections.
    An appendix details the requirements for submitting "simple" data.
  • The fields in the Required Data section are required and must apply to all submitted data.
  • The fields in the Base Data section will be applied to all light curve blocks unless their corresponding keywords appear within a given light curve block. This allows, e.g., submitting data for multiple asteroids or filters within the same file.
  • Please limit files to approximately 250 KB or less in order to avoid overloading site resources.

Required Data (No override)

Contact Name
e.g., J. Q. Astronomer
Contact Info
e.g., email, snail mail (do not include Contact Name)
Use semicolon to separate names, e.g., J. Q. Astronomer; H. I. S. Assistant
Delimiter      Data columns delimiter
JD Offset  Value required to get full JD (not MJD). See documentation.
Additional information that applies to all observations. Max chars: 400.
Text will be split into COMMENT lines of up to 75 characters each.

Base Data (Can override)

Object Number
Leave blank if not numbered
Object Name
Enter MPC designation if not named.
When a non-zero number and name are given, they must be for the same object, e.g., 5463 Ceres will be rejected.
±DDD.dddddd (-180.00 to +180.00)
Negative for Western Hemsphere
±DD.dddddd (-90.00 to +90.00)
Negative for Southern Hemsphere
L-T Correction   If Yes, the correction at mid-time will be added to the output
Reduced Mags   If Yes, the correction at mid-time will be added to the output
Mag Band
Mag System

Differ Mags

Can't be NONE and FALSE
Exposure JD

Exp (sec) 
Enter 0 if mid-time
Revised See ALCDEF documentation before submitting revised data


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