Giving Credit to Data Submitters

While the data here are in the public domain, proper credit should be give to those who supplied the data. The metadata section for each ligthcurve block includes contact information for the person who supplied the data and, in some cases, a reference to where the analysis of the original data appeared. Please be fair and give proper recognition to those who gave the time and effort to obtaining the data and then making them available.

Acknowledgements when Using ALCDEF Data

This work uses data obtained from the Asteroid Lightcurve Data Exchange Format (ALCDEF) database, which is supported by funding from NASA grant 80NSSC18K0851.

If some of the data used were from the ATLAS Program (Tonry et al., 2018; PASP 130, pp. 064505), please include the following acknowledgement.

This work includes data from the Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS) project. ATLAS is primarily funded to search for near earth asteroids through NASA grants NN12AR55G, 80NSSC18K0284, and 80NSSC18K1575; byproducts of the NEO search include images and catalogs from the survey area. The ATLAS science products have been made possible through the contributions of the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy, the Queen's University Belfast, the Space Telescope Science Institute, and the South African Astronomical Observatory.

References to ALCDEF Papers

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